Menopause in the Workplace: Best Practice

The menopause is an issue which affects a large proportion of the workplace every year and most employers are largely unaware at just how much this can impact on a person’s life at home and at work.

Employers are actively encouraged to acknowledge their responsibilities and ensure they have policies, training and the right support in place.

Many employees going through menopause and perimenopause do not feel able or comfortable enough to discuss their symptoms on such a sensitive and personal subject, the consequences of which can result in reduced performance and intermittent absences.

Both parties are likely to find discussing menopause difficult and awkward, but this can be made far worse and potentially risky if the manager has not had appropriate training. A trained person will be able to deal with the conversation sensitively, in a relaxed and private manner providing appropriate support and more importantly avoid being discriminatory.

Managing the effects of menopause in the workplace is extremely important for both employers and employees. Creating an environment for staff to talk freely and without embarrassment will help employees going through the menopause which could enhance performance and encourage attendance. In some circumstances, this could also help to avoid employment tribunal claims.

Partner and Head of employment law at KBL, Sarah Collier and Anna Reddy founder of Leap Health have recorded a vlog discussing menopause – symptoms, statistics, awareness in the workplace, what to be aware of and practical steps you can take.

Should you wish to discuss menopause in the workplace in more detail, require in-house training for managers, assistance with drafting a menopause policy for your workplace or if you would like to discuss any related issues, please contact Sarah Collier.

This is the first in a series of informative vlogs discussing issues in the workplace and the impact on employers and employees alike.