Hybrid Working

For many businesses, flexible and hybrid working has become the new normal allowing their staff to split their time between working in the office environment and working from home.

A growing number of businesses who have implemented hybrid working have reported increased productivity, with employees claiming:

  • The hybrid work structure is more efficient.
  • Their increased productivity is linked to having a flexible schedule.
  • They have an improved work-life balance as they spend less time commuting and have increased savings.

Many businesses have a disparity between employees who would like to work from home most, or all of the time against employers wanting employees present in the workplace.  It’s important that employers explore all options and work with employees to find solutions for hybrid working.  In a candidate driven market, employers who listen and implement  hybrid working solutions are more likely to attract and retain employees with the skills needed to help their business flourish and grow.

Head of employment law, Sarah Collier and Anna Reddy from Leap Health have recorded a vlog discussing hybrid working – the benefits and challenges to both employees and employers, along with how businesses can support those working from home.

Should you wish to discuss flexible and hybrid working in more detail, assistance with drafting policies, implementation or in-house training for managers, please contact Sarah Collier, Partner and Head of Employment.

This is the second in a series of informative vlogs discussing issues in the workplace and the impact on employers and employees alike.