Divorce during COVID-19

Divorce is without question a difficult, and often painful, journey. In the midst of the current pandemic tensions are heightened and stress levels in homes across the country are increasing.

Being isolated together for 6 weeks in what was perhaps an already strained marriage has led many couples to reach the decision that their marriage is at an end.

However, the impact of the current situation on separating couples is complex. Whilst before Coronavirus you may have been fairly certain about property, pension and investment valuations, this is no longer the case. Even if there is some certainty about the value of your assets it is difficult to move on at the moment when in reality it is likely to be harder to sell the family home or secure a mortgage on a new property.

At the moment the Family Court is prioritising the most urgent cases. The focus is   on protecting the vulnerable and therefore the Court is primarily dealing with emergency applications concerning children and domestic abuse.

So, is there anything you can do?

Rest assured that the Court is processing divorce proceedings and will issue urgent financial applications, if required, but you should always give consideration to other options to resolve your dispute, such as mediation, which is still taking place albeit remotely.

The first step is to seek professional advice to discuss the options available to you to deal with any issues arising upon your separation, such as the arrangements for your children and the financial aspects of your separation.  You will be advised about the information and paperwork which you need to begin to collate to allow your solicitor to advise you and to enable you to make informed decisions about your future. The sooner you begin this information gathering process the better.

Most family law teams are continuing to operate remotely. However, whilst couples are still required to stay at home together the opportunity to seek advice may be limited. As the current lockdown restrictions begin to ease this may provide the opportunity for people to seek advice with less concern that the other person is in close proximity.

We will listen, advise and remain by your side until you have reached a final settlement, ready to rebuild your life.

KBL’s family law team can offer telephone appointments to discuss the first steps. To arrange a free initial chat please contact Ceri Thomas at cthomas@kbl.co.uk or on 1204 527777 or 01254 268790.