World Menopause Day – 18th October

On the 18th October every year, we recognise World Menopause Day. The aim is to raise awareness, break the stigma and highlight support options available for improving health and wellbeing for those suffering from the menopause and perimenopause.

The theme this year is Cognition and Mood.

A CIPD survey of 1409 women has revealed some notable statistics:

  • Nearly two-thirds (65%) said they were less able to concentrate.
  • More than half (58%) said they experienced more stress.
  • More than half (52%) said they felt less patient with clients and colleagues.
  • 30% of women said they had taken sick leave because of their symptoms.

These statistics demonstrate that menopause is a real issue for staff in the workplace and highlights the importance of employers needing to be aware and educate staff on the impact of the menopause in the workplace. Employers should ensure that they have an open environment where staff can discuss their issues with either their line manager or a nominated representative and feel supported. Employers should also ensure that they have policies and procedures in place which outline the support that will be offered to staff should they find themselves requiring assistance or suffering from symptoms of the menopause.

Partner & Head of Employment Law at KBL, Sarah Collier has teamed up with Anna Reddy, founder of Leap Health to produce a vlog relating to menopause in the workplace covering symptoms, statistics, awareness in the workplace, what to be aware of and practical steps you can take.

Sarah is well-versed in drafting bespoke policies and procedures to be incorporated into staff handbooks. Sarah and Anna are also currently carrying out workplace training on various subject matters, including menopause in the workplace from both a legal and health standpoint – see attached flyer for further information.