When a professional lets you down

Specialist professional advice can be sought for many different reasons.  These can range from employing an architect to assist with a house extension, employing an accountant to value a business or instructing a solicitor on a property transaction for example. Unfortunately, professionals can make mistakes and whilst those mistakes can seem relatively minor, they can often have unforeseen and catastrophic consequences.

In many instances, professionals have professional indemnity insurance. This sort of insurance policy is intended to pay out compensation for losses which have been suffered by a person who has been let down by the negligence act of a professional. There is little doubt that when a person has been let down by a professional, the last thing on their mind will be to become involved in complicated and expensive court proceedings against that professional. However, taking the right advice early on in connection with a negligence claim is critical and can often result in a settlement of the claim sooner, rather than later.

By presenting the appropriate facts in accordance with the court rules, many indemnity insurers will seek to settle those claims before court proceedings become necessary or shortly after they have begun, as it is often cheaper for them to do it that way.  This tends to result in a more satisfactory resolution to the dispute all round.

If you feel as though you have been let down by a professional or that a professional has been negligent, you should contact a solicitor who is experienced in bringing professional negligence claims and take proper advice on what redress may be available. Getting the right advice early can put your mind at rest as to the chances of obtaining compensation, what sort of compensation you might get and how long that process is likely to take.

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