Listen to our Webinar: Insolvent Tenants – What This Means For Landlords

The coronavirus pandemic has led to wide-ranging changes across society.  Disruption in business has impacted on offices, shops, leisure and industrial premises, many of whom are facing significant financial difficulties.

Some landlords have been placed in a very difficult position with rent not being paid and have been left trying to work out the best way to manage their properties amidst great uncertainty.

Our Insolvency team presented a webinar on insolvent tenants and what this can mean for landlords on Friday 22nd May 2020. Kathryn and Richard addressed the following:

  • Corporate Tenants insolvency
  • Individual Tenant insolvency
  • Various insolvency regimes
  • What remedies are available
  • Changes due to Covid 19

Press play to listen to the recording of the session.