Dealing with the impact of weather disruption

Over the past few weeks we have seen the impact that Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and Storm Jorge have had on the UK. In the next few weeks we are likely to experience snow and further weather disruptions, although we are in the UK and this could change within a minute!

Weather conditions, such as storms and snow, often have a significant impact on businesses. Buses and trains may be cancelled, roads closed, accidents causing delays, floods, fallen trees or very slow-moving traffic may mean that employees could be considerably late for work – if they are able to make it in at all!

It is not just commuting issues that may affect your business and your employees. Other factors, such as school closures may have a detrimental effect on employees with children and longer-term absences for staff whose property may have suffered damage. Employees may need to take time off to allow for childcare or dependants, even though there may be no issue with them getting into work.

It is therefore imperative to have policies and procedures in place and to make sure that all employees are fully advised of what they should do in the event of weather disruption. This could include a contingency plan, such as closing the business in more extreme circumstances or allowing staff to work from home or work with greater flexibility to make up lost time.

Policies and procedures should be clear and outline the reporting procedure for those who may be absent/late, be clear that all employees should make their best effort to attend work and provide that holidays or unpaid leave may need to be taken where they are unable to do so. You should also consider whether any of your employees are able to work from home and outline arrangements concerning remote working.

If you do not have any policies or procedures in place, want a health check on your current documentation or require advice regarding any employment issue, contact Sarah Collier, Head of Employment on 01204 527777 or