KBL’s Head of Family Law is Inspire Women Awards Finalist

We’re delighted to announce that Victoria Melling, Partner and Head of Family Law is a finalist in the Women in Law category at this year’s Inspire Women Awards.

The 2018 Inspire Women Awards which are held on Saturday 5th May will celebrate the huge wealth of outstanding contributions women have made to the wider Bolton area. It will shine a light on the achievements of women from all walks of life in our diverse and thriving community, and showcase their extraordinary examples of courage, triumph, kindness, compassion, transformation, skill and success.

The Women in Law category celebrates women’s achievements, excellence and enterprise in the legal profession. The winner will have demonstrated legal and client service skills, contributed to the success of significant cases and her company, and added value above and beyond that which is typical of a good legal practitioner.

Kirsty Critchley, Marketing Manager at KBL said “Getting to this stage is a huge achievement in itself. To win the award would be fantastic and extremely well deserved. We’re looking forward (in anticipation) to the awards ceremony and meeting many of the inspirational women we have here in Bolton.”

Wish us luck!