Halloween horror at KBL Solicitors

If you visit KBL solicitors for legal advice today do not be alarmed if you hear faint screams from the safe, or are greeted by a witch, a cat, or even a devil.

The solicitors have kicked off their fundraising for Bolton Lads & Girls club in the spookiest way possible by dressing up for the day and locking one of their consultants in the safe – all in the name of charity.

Nick Horsfall, the unlucky consultant chosen to be locked in the safe, has nothing but his phone and the task of raising a £500 ransom fund from his contacts to allow him to be freed from the safe.

Marketing manager, Kirsty Critchley, revealed all the lengths the firm is going for the fundraiser. She said: “Nick has to reach out to his contacts to raise as much money as possible, but what he doesn’t know is there’s another ransom fund going to keep him locked in.”

The fundraising event, named “I’m a lawyer get me out of here!” is the solicitors first fundraising event as part of Bolton Lads & Girls Club’s “Are you smarter than a ten-year-old?” challenge.

The club has given ten local businesses £100 and challenged them to turn it into as much money as they can.

If Nick raises the funds he should be released from the safe tonight, but that’s only if they can find the key.

*Credit: The Bolton News