Divorce Realities Unveiled – Navigating the Pitfalls Beyond ‘No-Fault’.

The “No-Fault Divorce” law which came into effect in April 2022, has introduced a seemingly simplified divorce system making it easier for individuals to apply for divorce themselves. However, the deceptive ease of this process has led many to pursue divorce without legal representation, underestimating the potential financial repercussions that linger even after the Final Order is granted.

Contrary to popular belief, the divorce journey doesn’t conclude once the Final Order is issued. Spouses retain the ability to make future financial claims against each other’s assets, incomes and pensions unless a clean break financial order from the Family Court is secured.

A recent study of divorcees conducted by the University of Bristol identified that:

  • Over 1 in 10 individuals opted not to consult a divorce solicitor, primarily due to concerns about the associated costs.
  • DIY divorces correlate with unfair financial settlements, particularly affecting women.
  • More than a third of divorcees are unaware of their pension values, revealing a lack of financial awareness during proceedings.

Resolution of matrimonial finances is a complex area which demands careful consideration. Therefore, if you are contemplating a self-initiated divorce without the assistance of a solicitor, it is important to seek advice from a family solicitor before you embark on that process. This ensures a comprehensive exploration of options surrounding matrimonial finances, providing you with the necessary information to safeguard your financial interests both now and in the future.

Jane Davison, Head of Family Law at KBL said “Despite apprehensions that consulting family solicitors may aggravate conflicts or that costs will be prohibitive, at KBL we strive to facilitate the most amicable and cost-effective process possible. We offer an initial fixed fee appointment for a thorough examination of your situation and provide a detailed letter of advice to help you navigate the complexities of divorce and secure your financial protection.”

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