Probate & Estate Administration

Wills Probate

Probate is the process whereby someone acts on behalf of the deceased to collect any money or assets that form part of the deceased’s estate. When there is a Will in place there will be a named Executor to carry out the administration and distribution of the Estate. When there is no Will, then someone close to the deceased can apply to the probate registry to deal with the estate.  

When a loved one dies, it’s clearly an emotional time. However, the formalities of administering, distributing and winding up the estate still have to be completed.  

We have considerable experience of acting either as the executors appointed under a Will or, alternatively, as advisors to the appointed family executors. We are also experts in dealing with intestate estates, where the deceased has made no Will and advice is needed on the various issues which arise.

Dealing with an estate can be a complicated business, and may involve the settlement of the deceased’s tax affairs, payment of the debts of the deceased, arranging for valuations of the assets of the deceased, tracking missing beneficiaries, administration of ongoing trusts, dealing with the Probate Registry and the department of Work & Pensions, preparing full estate accounts, calculating Inheritance Tax and liaising with the Capital Taxes Office.

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