Premises Licences

Licensing Law

A premises licence is granted to a premises, and authorises that premise to be used for one or more licensable activities.

The activities permitted will be stated in the operating schedule. Premises must meet certain standards if they are to be granted a premise licence. The following people may apply for a premise licence:

  • A person who runs, or proposes to run, a business that will involve the use of that premises for licensable activities
  • A recognised club
  • A charity
  • The proprietor of an educational institution a health service body
  • A person registered by part 2 of the Care Standards Act 2000, in respect of an independent hospital a Chief Officer of Police

All applicants must be 18 years of age or over.

Licences are granted to applicants on a permanent basis, but are subject to review where evidence exists that any of the licensing objectives are being compromised.


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