Businesses operate in an incredibly competitive market. Commercial pressures and the need to generate efficiencies sometimes result in redundancies.

We advise and assist businesses with re-organisations and redundancies to ensure the process runs smoothly and the risk of claims is minimised.

When an employer is proposing to dismiss less than 20 employees by reason of redundancy it must follow a fair procedure to avoid a finding of unfair dismissal. The legitimacy of the redundancy itself may also be scrutinised if the dismissed employee contends the redundancy was not legitimate or the dismissal was for other reasons.

Where an employer is proposing seeking to dismiss 20 (or more) employees strict collective consultation obligations apply which have recently changed in April 2013. An employer’s failure to comply with these collective consultation obligations may result in each affected employee receiving a protective award of 13 weeks pay. This is in addition to any other liabilities (such as unfair dismissal compensation).

We have the experience and expertise to advise employers with all redundancy situations from individual dismissal through to large-scale collective redundancy situations involving hundreds of redundancies.

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