Employment Contracts

All employees have a right to receive a written Statement of Employment Particulars (i.e. employment contract) within two months of commencing employment. A failure to provide this information could result in a Tribunal ordering the employer to make a payment directly to the employee by way of compensation.

A well-drafted employment contract will ensure clarity of terms and conditions. However, it will also establish its contractual rights, powers and discretion in relation to specific aspects of the employment relationship. Employment contracts can also offer extra protection to employers in terms of confidential information and the activities of an ex-employee following the end of the employment relationship.

We adopt a “business specific” (not a one-size fits all) approach to drafting which enables us to provide our clients with a relevant, up-to-date and clear employment contract.

For senior executives we have the experience and expertise to draft employment contracts and service agreements tailored to fit your business and the role. We have particular expertise in drafting confidentiality and post-termination restrictions (i.e. restrictive covenants).

If your business already has employment contracts in place we will happily review these and advise on whether they are compliant and up-to-date with current legislation.

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