Professional Negligence

Legal Dispute Resolution

Clients place great trust in their professional advisors. Unfortunately, mistakes or bad advice can occur. If the client has suffered loss due to negligence, it is entitled to recover compensation for those losses.

Claims may be against surveyors, architects, solicitors, accountants or financial advisors. Professionals should advise their insurers of potential claims as early as possible to avoid the risk of the insurers later refusing to indemnify them. It will usually be the case that the professional’s insurers will appoint solicitors to defend the claim.

It is important to identify and clearly instruct a suitable and experienced expert to give evidence to the court. The expert’s evidence will be crucial to determination of liability.

We act for both individuals bringing a professional negligence claim and also professionals defending actions.

Parties also need to be aware of the pre-action protocols applicable to negligence disputes generally.

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